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Mario Ybarra, Jr.

Artist, Founding Member of Slanguage
Art Making/Creativity

You Are Breathing In It...

Date RecordedJune 17, 2022
Duration80 minutes

Course Detail

Nearly 20 years ago, Mario Ybarra, Jr., his wife Karla Diaz, and friend Juan Capistan, rented an old bakery store front in Los Angeles as their personal studio space post grad school. They called it Slanguage Studio and over the years it morphed into an artist-run space and de facto art school that became what The New York Times called an “ever more important” type of exhibition space. Their three-pronged approach includes education, community-building, and interactive exhibitions. Join Ybarra, Jr. in this live course where he shares the history of Slanguage Studio, as well as how they got started and began working with artists, while taking a dive deep into DIY art spaces and ways to approach it when starting your own. Photo Credit: Lluvia Higuera
Meet the Presenter
Mario Ybarra, Jr.


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