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Wassim Z. Alsindi

Wassim Z. Alsindi
Art History

Futures of Art History

Date RecordedMay 26, 2022
Duration80 minutes

Course Detail

Cryptographic art objects have set a seismic shift in the semantics of ownership, function, and transaction between incumbent and emergent stakeholders alike. As the art world is eaten alive by digital tokens, who are the winners and losers in this Brave New Non-Fungible World? How should we navigate the present deluge of hype and orgiastic overconsumption? Wassim Z. Alsindi, the host and creative director of 0x Salon, will take us through the Futures of Art History and provide answers to these questions and more.
Meet the Presenter
Wassim Z. Alsindi

Wassim is the host and creative director of the 0x Salon, a collective which critically interrogates digital culture through discourse events and residencies, producing lore, theory, games, and visual art. A veteran of the timechain, Wassim specializes in conceptual design and philosophy of peer-to-peer systems, on which he writes, speaks, and consults. He holds an editorial column at the MIT Computational Law Report, and co-founded MIT’s Cryptoeconomic Systems journal and conference series. Wassim has curated arts festivals, led a sculptural engineering laboratory, and published experimental music, improvisatory theatre, poetry, and speculative scripture. Building upon research specializations in the natural sciences, Wassim holds a Ph.D. in ultrafast photophysics from the University of Nottingham, alongside degrees in chemistry, astrophysics, and finance.

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