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Wassim Z. Alsindi

Wassim Z. Alsindi
Free Course
Art Making/Creativity

Ask Me Anything!

Date RecordedFebruary 17, 2023
Duration45 minutes

Course Detail

At Collecteurs we believe that the blockchain can become a tool to promote a more transparent, equal, and just art world. We turned to one of the experts on the issue and opened up our inbox to receive comments from our members. ​​Our very own Eser Coban compiled a list of your questions, including: “How can artists benefit from blockchain technology?“, “What are DAO’s?, ” What are blockchain wallets and why do we need them?” “What are gas fees?” and, “How do you see blockchain changing capitalism?“, to be answered in a 45 minute interview.
Meet the Presenter
Wassim Z. Alsindi

Wassim is the host and creative director of the 0x Salon, a collective which critically interrogates digital culture through discourse events and residencies, producing lore, theory, games, and visual art. A veteran of the timechain, Wassim specializes in conceptual design and philosophy of peer-to-peer systems, on which he writes, speaks, and consults. He holds an editorial column at the MIT Computational Law Report, and co-founded MIT’s Cryptoeconomic Systems journal and conference series. Wassim has curated arts festivals, led a sculptural engineering laboratory, and published experimental music, improvisatory theatre, poetry, and speculative scripture. Building upon research specializations in the natural sciences, Wassim holds a Ph.D. in ultrafast photophysics from the University of Nottingham, alongside degrees in chemistry, astrophysics, and finance.

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