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Art World Primer

Art World Primer
Free Course

Breaking Down Art Collecting

Date RecordedMarch 21, 2023
Duration15 minutes

Course Detail

The art world lacks transparency; the world of collectors, even more so. This course aims to break down a few walls. Join us for a crash course on art collecting. From what to collect, to where to buy art, or to the complicated question of manifesting a meaningful collection; this course sheds light on the foggy path of entering and thriving in the world of collecting.
Meet the Presenter
Art World Primer

Entering the world of art is intimidating in every way, regardless of who you are– an aspiring artist, curator, or collector. But we’ve got your back. Collecteurs Art World Primer offers insider answers to some of the most urgent questions on your mind as an art world rookie. How to start collecting art? Must-dos for becoming an artist? What is the process of curating a show? And much more. Our courses are so compact and informative that you will walk away with some serious enlightenment before realizing– wait, was it an AI who just talked to me? Written by Collecteurs, narrated by AI.

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