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Fernanda Brenner

Fernanda Brenner
Art Making/Creativity

Autonomous Art Spaces

Date RecordedJuly 15, 2021
Duration70 minutes

Course Detail

Fernanda Brenner, founder and artistic director of Pivô—an autonomous art space operating in central São Paulo for almost ten years—will depart from her personal experience to tell the story of autonomous institutions; from the first steps in creating Pivô’s inner structure and work methodology, to how they managed to remain flexible and open throughout the years. The talk will address Pivô’s program, the many collaborators involved in its making, and its institutional thinking from a curatorial and executive perspective, and expand on the complexity of Latin America’s many artistic scenes and agents.
Meet the Presenter
Fernanda Brenner

Fernanda Brenner is a curator and writer based in São Paulo, Brazil. She is the founder and artistic director of Pivô, a non-profit art space in São Paulo. In parallel to her work at Pivô, she works as a Latin American art consultant for Kadist Art Foundation, is part of the curatorial team of the Italian art fair Artissima, is a contributing editor of Frieze Magazine, and integrates the development committee of the Italian platform Ordet. Recent projects include the solo exhibitions República, Luiz Roque (2020), Avalanche, Katinka Bock (2019), both at Pivô, and the group shows A Burrice dos Homens, at Bergamin Gomide gallery, São Paulo (2019), Neither, Mendes Wood DM, Brussels (2017), co-curating the exhibition Caixa Preta, at Iberê Camargo Foundation, Porto Alegre (2018). Her texts have been featured in a number of publications, including Textwork by the Fondation d’Enterprise Pernod Ricard, Art Review, Terremoto, Mousse, Cahiers d’Art, as well as contributing to national and international institutional catalogues and monographs for the publishing house Cobogó, MASP, Centre Georges Pompidou, Fridericianum, and MOCA Detroit. Drag to resize

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