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Open Call

Inclusion Call: Make Your Voice Heard

WHO IS THIS FOR:• Individuals who have interesting stories or tips to share that mainstream media is ignoring. We welcome submissions from sources with information to share to be used in our publications. Let us be your voice.


• Writers who are passionate about contemporary art, culture and social justice. Do you have a unique perspective?You've found your platform.
For Individuals
Share a tip or story as an individual/source
For writers with something new to say
Pitch here
Please read before submitting:

Keep in mind Collecteurs’ audience and mission. We are a community of contemporary art collectors, artists, curators, and galleries that believe in making this often obscure world more accessible and transparent. We welcome critical engagement with the art world that points out flaws but also offers ideas about how to improve conditions for artists and other cultural workers. We also welcome pitches for interviews with voices that have something new to say about a variety of subjects in contemporary art. Our focus is on concept-driven pieces based on research or experience rather than exhibition reviews or artist profiles.

For individuals/sources sharing

We are happy to hear your ideas and possibly have a staff writer take up the topic. Describe the tip or subject that you think we should write about. Please make sure either it has not been covered anywhere else or there is a new angle.

We welcome those who want to share information or valuable perspectives that are overlooked by mainstream media. It’s okay to stay anonymous, we can simply refrain from mentioning your identity in publication.

For writers pitching

Start out with a working title. This header should be attractive and to-the-point in order to grab the reader’s attention.

What to submit: Briefly explain the arguments or information in one condensed paragraph.

End with an explanation of why our community will be interested in this topic and why you think nobody has covered this before.

Clearly state any conflicts of interest.


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