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New York

Regarding Samuel Ausstein’s Visa Status

*dates and excerpts are taken from correspondence with the Department of State regarding Luke Stettner’s great-grandfather’s Visa status. He was killed at Auschwitz a month after his Visa had been approved. 

There are three letters: one dated February 15, 1940 and signed in pencil by Louis *Sussdorff, Jr. the American Consul General at Antwerp —

“Since your father’s case does not appear to fall within any of the preference categories provided for in the immigration law, he must await his regular turn in the order of the registration of his name on the waiting list in Hamburg.”

On January 7th, 1940 a visa application had been sent by my grandmother Lydia Ausstein on behalf of her father Samuel Ausstein.

“*Sussdorff was named Consul General at Antwerp on June 1, 1937, and survived the German aerial bombardment of the city in the spring of 1940. Unfortunately, his luck ran out a few months later when he was killed in August in a car crash outside Cologne, Germany.”

On June 9th, 1942th a NOTICE OF HEARING from the Department of State visa review committee was sent to David Ausstein —

“The calendar will be called promptly at 2:00 p.m. on June 16th, 1942 and you will be prepared to make any statement you may deem appropriate in connection with this case.”

H.K Travers Chief, Visa Division writes on August 24th, 1942 to David Ausstein and signed in pencil —

“the department has been given advisory approval to the appropriate American Officer at Marseille for the issuance of an immigration visa.”

— luke stettner

This story is part of a series of special features for the exhibition '1-31' curated by Adam Carr.

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