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Nastio Mosquito

Directions For a Possible Connected Manner to Celebrate the Listening Of “US & WE”

You and a minimum of 2 more people get together.

The space/room has, at least, two speaker stereo system.

You have something ready to drink. If Alcoholic, let it be a spirit.

You have something ready to eat. Anything ‘bread’ is recommended.

You turn off all the lights.

You toast. You drink.

You internally invoke your gratitude awareness. You break the bread. You eat.

You get comfortable.

You press play.

Together, you listen.

Once finished, silence is a suggestion; a discussion a possibility; a 50 second group hug a recommendation.



NÁSTIO MOSQUITO is an Angolan-born multidisciplinary artist. He works in music, sound, video art, performance art, installation art, and spoken word poetry. Mosquito's art deals with topics such as identity and faith, as well as racism and the complicated colonial history of his native Angola.
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