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Jumanah Bawazir & Khaled Al Bashir

Beneath the Infrastructure of Fiction by Jumanah Bawazir and Khaled Al Bashir A collaboration for an exhibition at the Qattan Foundation in 2023 “Instant Modernism”.

A black and white artwork card with the text 'Jumanah Bawazir & Khaled Al Bashir - Beneath the Infrastructure of Fiction, 2023' and 'Artwork' on it.

The short experimental video examines the network of apparatuses that Israel used to orchestrate its emergence.

It focuses primarily on survey photographs of A -Jaleel captured between 1947 and 1948, which preceded Israel's 1951 National Masterplan. With their manipulative framing and captions, these photographs portray the landscape as "empty." However, they were taken concurrently with ethnic cleansing military operations such as Plan Dalet, Operation Dekel, and others, which aimed to empty the land of Palestinians.

As the film declares, "These photos are not survey photographs" but fictional productions embodying Zionist ideals and aspirations.

The film intervenes in these photographs by narrating moments across time. These moments emerge from research into Palestinian testimonies and archives.

With these narrations, it seeks to delve beneath the infrastructures of fiction constructed by Zionist architecture, media, and discourse. Instead, focusing on a singular truth: the existence of Palestinians and their struggle against a settler colonial project in which everything is military.

Jumanah Bawazir is an advanced researcher at Forensic Architecture, multidisciplinary designer, and poet in her own practice. She trained as an architect at the Architectural Association in London. Her work at Forensic Architecture focuses on the overlay of open source research and digital modelling to bring forth civil investigations that confront state narratives. Her own research weaves together storytelling, film, and poetry, as forms of collaboration and communication to confront the spatial politics of exile. She has previously taught at the Architectural Association Summer School, worked in architectural practices, and has exhibited her work at the 2023 Sharjah Biennial as a collaborating artist, as well as at the Qattan Foundation in Ramallah.Khaled Al-Bashir is an architect and researcher. His work delves into the intersections of design, culture, and politics, featuring films like "Unforming Zionism" (2022) and "Beneath the Infrastructure of Fiction" (2023). His projects have been showcased at Darat Al-Funun in Amman, the Qattan Foundation in Ramallah, the Palestine Museum, and the Columbia University Center for Palestine Studies in New York, among others. He currently serves as an Associate Lecturer in Historical and Critical Studies at Bath Spa University.
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